Wednesday, June 8, 2011



I hurt inside.

I want to cry,

But I can’t.

It’s hard to be me

Hard to feel beautiful

My friends say I am

But sometimes that’s not enough.

My best guy friend?

Yeah, I like him

More than a friend.

But I don’t want him to know.

Last time

Another friend

It backfired

Now, we don’t talk.

My sister says

I’m gorgeous

So why don’t guys

Want to go with me?

Am I not skinny enough?

She weighs more

Yet they all choose her

Over me.

Am I not happy enough?

Maybe because I’m invisible.

If someone noticed me

Maybe I’d be happier.

Is it because

I’m not athletic?

I try my best

Every time I play.

I don’t cuss.

Is that a problem?

Profanity is for those

Too dumb for real words.

Because I’m smart?

Because I try?

Is that why?

Have you ever realized

That I’m human too?

That I’m a girl?

A girl who would like

Someone to say “I love you”

“You’re beautiful,”

Someone to hold?”

Ever wonder

Who I really am?

I’m not perfect

But I’m who I am.

You laugh when

You find out my dream

My Grandma helped it start to come true.

Now, she’s gone.

I’m going to try.

My dream should come true.

Because I want to change the world.

But they think I’m too small.

Is it wrong?

That I have opinions?

Are we stuck

In archaic thought as that?

Did you ever stop to think

Sometimes I try to impress you

and your friends?

But you don’t seem to notice.

I act like I don’t care

What other people think

But sometimes I do.

And sometimes it hurts.

I really don’t care

What the ones who talk

Behind my back think

They don’t matter

But there are those

Who I do care

What they think

But they don’t notice.

You don’t see me.

Sometimes In the hall

You say hi

And smile

It always makes my day.

You didn’t know that,

Did you?

You’re just being

Kind to a friend.

My friend reminded me

Though Friendship often ends

in love, love rarely

Ends in friendship.

This reminded me

That the loss of


Is devastating.


When I’m alone

I feel beautiful.

But rarely.


When I see

My gorgeous

Best friend.

She’s athletic


Hard working

And beautiful.

The guys

At her school

Always wish

They could dater her.

I’m sure.

It’s tiring.

Trying to live up

To the standards

of Society.

I dream

Of acting


and singing.

But culture

Likes people

Who are perfect

And beautiful

I’m not.

I’m scarred


Of memories.

6th grade

That torture

Why was she

So mean, to me?

There were others

On the bus

That day

They didn’t care.

I know

They heard my yells

They could’ve stopped them.

They didn’t.

You know what?

I can beat this.

I will win.


Everyone will see.

I’m a winner.

I’ll overcome.

I’ll be famous.

They’ll see.

They missed out on me.

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