Saturday, September 17, 2011

Where I'm From

This is kind of a story of my life, in poetry form. I was told in 9th grade to write a poem about who I am, and where I'm from. I chose to write it in more of a free verse style than many others, and it's kind of a brain dump, but it's me, my memories, and my past.

hot summer sun
pirates, yelling, having fun
crying friends, saying goodbye
heavy boxes in the room
the new girl, shy and afraid
friendships forged
betrayal, hatred and fear
dribble down the court - swish
blueberry, apple, rhubarb pie
chocolate chip cookies, fresh and warm
there's never enough chocolate chips
new girl again, new school
dancing music drama art
why do you hate me? why did you do this to me?
back at home, the new girl, but not.
middle school, old friends made new
attacked, yelling , to no avail
that's it, i'm done, get me out of here.
new girl once more, i haven't seen you in forever
sisters, inseparable, hyper
thanks to the A&W root beer, yum
NO! you can't take her. i'll miss her too much.
she's back! i missed you
i need some time alone, you've hurt me deeply.
best friends i've ever had
teenage years begin, things are complicated
love or just immaturity
broken heart, my own fault
best friends forever, don't try to make us part
tea ring cardamom freshly baked bread
staying up all night reading, or talking
friendship, milestones, where i am now
high school, friendships renewed, others irreplaceable
running soccer football and sports
he's innocent! he would never do that
crying tragedy who can I turn to?
together, us three sobbing uncontrollably
praying, i don't understand
music, the only constant left
rock, metal, rap and film scores
writing, not stopping, formulate the story
obnoxious, yelling, guys are immature
coffee cappuccinos new books and shoes
leather rain, just cut grass
i've been here for a while, but this is where i'm from

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