Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Day Has Come

This might seem a little creepy or morbid, but I didn't write it. I adapted it. It's from Ezekiel 7.

THe day is here
It has come
Doom has burst forth
Arrogance has budded

Violence has grown
To punish violence
None will be left
None will be left

The time has come
The day has arrived
Outside is the sword
Inside is famine

All who escape
and survive
Will be in torment
clothed with terror

They were proud
Of their possessions
Idolized them
And worshipped them

Prepare chains
for the land is full of violence
I will punish
My people

Calamity upon Calamity
Rumor upon Rumor
The king will mourn
The prince will despair

My wrath is upon them
No one will battle
The day is here
The time has come.

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