Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Friend? That's funny.

A friend?

Yeah right.

Maybe in the past

But not any more.

You don’t get it

You never will

That probably doesn’t make sense

But that doesn’t matter to me

My fingers fly

The words dance across the page


It’s saved my life

You don’t realize

What your betrayal does

To me

Who you used to call your best friend.

What happened to that?

What happened to the person who said

We would be

Best friends for life, and eternity?

We talked every day

Then you got involved in crew

Cross country


I was happy for you

I understood you didn’t have time anymore

But even during the off season

You didn’t make time for me.

Why didn’t you make time for me?

You made time for our other friend.

But not me, not Lisa.

Why not?

I know I kind of ignored you

For about a year

In sixth and seventh grade

But I realized it

And we weren’t as close then as now

Friends forever

You said that

But you betrayed me

I’m sick of it

Being betrayed

Will I ever have a year

Where none of my friend betray me?

2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade

5th grade, 6th grade, 7th grade,

8th grade, 9th, 10th,

This last year of high school


After betrayal

When will I find

A friend who won’t do this to me?

You know what?

I’m done with it.

Done with your games

Done with all the games

I’m me

And you’re going to miss me

When I’m gone

Trust me, I know.

I don’t need you

Yeah, we’ve been friends

But I have others

That won’t do this to me.

Thanks for the memories,

But I’m done

The good memories

I’ll never forget.

You probably already have.

You’re missing out.

You’re missing out on me

And when I change the world

You’ll be saying

“I knew that girl

In elementary, middle,

And high school.

We were best friends

What went wrong?

What did I do?”

And you’ll realize

That you

Missed out

On the friendship

And loyalty of me.

1 comment:

  1. I understand, high school is hard and people are mostly immature. It gets a lot better in college trust me. Not everyone changes but most people grow up and people start to realize what's truly important in a person. :)