Saturday, October 22, 2011

Not dead, just forgotten.

She couldn't stop those words from running through her mind. What happened? The only thing she could think of that would have made Emilia stop being her friend was confronting her about her recent attitudes and behaviors. She was trying to be a good friend, trying to help Emilia realize that she had changed. But they were interrupted. When Emilia tried to get her to finish the conversation via text message, she got mad. This wasn't the kind of thing you talk about in 160 character segments. A letter, at least, if not a phone call or face to face.

"Emilia," she began to write, "We've been best friends for seven years. I was trying to be a good friend and let you know that you've changed, but now you won't speak to me. What's going on? I haven't been able to walk for six weeks because of my injury, and you've only texted me once, you haven't called, you haven't visited, and when you walked by me at church on Sunday, when I was in a WHEELCHAIR, you didn't even say hello. What happened to my best friend?"

Good grief, she thought. Why do the people I get close to always end up betraying me? I'm sick of it. When will I find a friend, other than the SparkLife people, who will stay a friend? When will I find a best friend who I'll stay in contact with the rest of my life? I have Taylor, but we never hang out except at school. I need a friend.

So she wrote a poem, and a blog entry, and didn't send the letter. At least, not yet.


  1. Oh, love.
    I wish I could give you a great big hug right now.

    Just remember, that even when people fail you, you have Jesus. And when that seems like an unsatisfactory and trite answer, just think about who He is. He is enough.

    Shoot me an email anytime. I don't want you to feel alone. :]

  2. I feel hugged. =) I ended up talking to "Emilia" on Sunday afternoon and it was...ok. But she did most of the talking and didn't let me talk much.

  3. God willing, you will find a person who will be your friend for the rest of your life. Hang in there.

    Oh, I'm equillibrium by the way on Sparklife. 'tips hat' Good day to you, miss! How fare thee today?