Monday, November 14, 2011

Life is Crazy

Life is crazy.
If you remember, I injured my ankle back in September, and I haven't been able to go to school since the first week of October because of a reinjury.
I'm going back on Tuesday, for one class period a day. And I'm scared. I'll be using a walker, because I still can't use my foot normally. I'm going back to the two classes I like the least, and have the most trouble with. Hopefully the next week I'll be able to go to two classes a day, 3rd and 4th period, as my fourth period classes are some of my favorites.

And NaNo is taking over my life, assisted by homework.

<3 you all.


  1. ok this may come off as creepy or stalkerish but I hope you'll hear me out. I was on sparknotes and I was looking at Lord of the Rings things and I saw your comment. As I went down the search list your profile popped up so I checked it out. I saw that you're a Jesus Freak, you love writing, you love LOTR, harry potter, you love a lot of the same music as me. I love pretty much everything you do. Most importantly I love God but I also enjoy writing, LOTR is my favorite books and movies, and Relient K is my favorite band. I've read some of your blog and I enjoyed it. I don't know if you have a facebook but I thought it would be cool to talk to you about books,writing, poetry, God or whatever if you wanted too. Give me a shout, I hope you're not creeped out I've never talked to random people on the web before but i thought since we seemed so alike what the heck. my facebook is!/kendall.mccullough

  2. Hey, Ijust saw your comment. I'll add you on FB later. Christmas tree decorating right now...