Friday, December 9, 2011

It just takes one

It just takes one
One person
To change everything

Don't wanna get up
But I'll see my friends
So I do

First period
I stink at physics
It doesn't make sense
But Kirsten makes me laugh
So it's all good

Second Period
Practice Standardized test
Done in less than 30 minutes
So I got to do whatever
It's all good

Third Block
Used to be my favorite class
Now, It's harder to enjoy
Less active and hands on

But I'm writing
Working on my plot
So it's all good.

Fourth Period
We have a test today
But I'm confident
And the one person I can count on
To make me laugh
Is here
So It's all good.

After school
With people I love
To hang out with
It's all good

I don't do so hot
I wasn't as well prepared
To sing, as I would have liked
But oh well.

Someone says
Extremely Rude
It's not All good.

and Upsetting.

It just takes one
To ruin someone's day.
Don't you understand?
You have a responsibility
To take care of your fellow humans.

Y'all don't get it
Do you?
One person
Ruined my day.

We try not to let it get to us
But when someone says something
It hurts
And it's hard to forget.

One person
Ruined the entire day
I feel pathetic
For letting that happen.
But it hurt, what he said
About me.

People, remember this -
Everything you do has an effect
On someone.
Do you want to make a difference for good
Or hurt someone?

Watch what you say
Watch what you do
It just takes one
To ruin
Or make
A person's day.

Lisa Gilson
December 8, 2011

(Dan Bergstein always makes my day)
(and a bunch of other Sparklers, like Peter and Christina...and a few other people)


  1. But remember
    just one person
    can make your day

    She can remind you
    that you are precious
    and beautiful
    and funny

    And one other person
    has no right
    to feed you lies
    and tear you down

    Because lies are lies
    even if you let them get to you

    The sun still shines
    the day was still good
    and just one dumb boy
    shouldn't ruin your mood

    I think you're fabulous, if it means anything to you. :]