Monday, January 23, 2012


Musical season has started, and that means that I'm after school till 5 each day and doing homework till late
Exams are this week
I just found out recently that after this school year I'm Ohio after the school year is over. My dad's still going to be doing missionary work, but it'll be with a different organization and he'll be able to do more of what he's passionate about, as will my mom.
Finding that out made college applications a lot more complicated. A lot
And there are signs that the guy I like might actually like me back. But I'm not sure...
So yeah...
Did I mention that on Mondays I go to school, leave and go to piano lessons, go back to rehearsal, and then leave rehearsal early in order to coach the 1st and 2nd grade, and then 3rd-5th grade, teams at my church for Basketball that my brother and I coach. Wow that's an awful sentence, but I'm too overwhelmed to edit it.
I'm just a bit overwhelmed.
Pray for me? Please?
I love all of you who read my blog, except those of you from, because you're creepy...why are you always reading my blog anyway????

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