Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ring Dance

Even though I tried to remember the Lord as my "Valentine" today, the day was awful...
Freshmen girls carrying teddy bears the same height as them that their boyfriends gave them,
Girls with roses
People kissing
People happy
And then my "forever aloneness"
High school + Valentine's Day + Single Me = ARRRGGGHHHHH!!!!!!

Ring Dance is coming up...and if I'm going with a date or a guest I have to know by the 29th, since it's on a military base. I asked my best guy friend from school today, but he's going with someone else. Now I don't know who to ask or to go with...
I don't want to go alone. I did that for was awful. Probably partly because I was in a wheelchair...
But whatever.

So...anybody want to go to Ring Dance with me? If you can get here, that is... seeing as how most of my followers don't live anywhere near me.

*forever alone*

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