Tuesday, March 20, 2012

True Reason and the Reason Rally

If you haven't realised yet the reason for the title of my blog...this might just convince you.

Many of you may have heard of the Reason Rally being held by a group of athiests (led by Richard Dawkins) this weekend in Washington D.C. The rally is being promoted as "the largest gathering of the secular movement in world history." So...what exactly is the reason rally?

According to their website, the Reason Rally is
(I apologise for the slight bit of language in this...)

"The Reason Rally is a movement-wide event sponsored by the country’s
major secular organizations. The intent is to unify, energize, and embolden
secular people nationwide, while dispelling the negative opinions held by so
much of American society… and having a damn good time doing it! It will be the
largest secular event in world history. There will be music, comedy, great
speakers, and lots of fun… and it’s free!Sign language interpreters will be
available for the deaf and hard-of-hearing. Also, there will be a
viewing area on the Mall designated for people in wheelchairs.The Reason Rally
is being produced and run by the Reason Rally Coalition, a 501(c)(3)
organization whose board consist of all the sponsoring organizations. There are
two levels of sponsorship, the higher of which (8 organizations) will share
equally in any profits generated by the event. In other words, your support
benefits the movement on the whole, as well as the organizations that
contributed the most to this free event."

This looks like it's going to be interesting, doesn't it? A group of people getting together to promote reason sounds like something really beneficial for our country, where people are growing more and more ignorant and illogical. However...these people haven't been the most reasonable in recent years.

My dad is one of the most interesting people I know. An apologist, speaker, writer, blogger, and strategist, he works with Campus Crusade for Christ/Cru, and Chuck Colson's Breakpoint ministry. His blog, Thinking Christian, has allowed him to have conversations with many athiests over the past few years, and he has spoken with some who are much more reasonable than others. When he found out about the Reason Rally, he had the idea that someone should write a book about reason, showing that Christians are just as reasonable as athiests. He prayed about it, and the Lord led him to work to collaborate on the book with some of the most prominent Christian apologists working today. The book was published on ebook recently, and has actually at some points gotten to the top of the Amazon Kindle list of books on atheism.

Anyway, please be praying. My dad is going to the Reason Rally this weekend, and there are a lot of people who don' t want him there. Some may even try to get him arrested, though his attendance would be completely legal. People are being unreasonable about the fact that people who disagree with them are going to be there. My dad and the people he is going with will be taking water bottles to give to the Reason Rally attendees. Some people online are saying that they "better check for the safety seal," implying that we as Christians might try to poison them. Unreasonable? Yeah.

Check out the book, True Reason, and pray for our family and my dad, as well as the other Christians attending the Reason Rally. Most of all - pray for the atheists who will be there, because they are blind to God's love for them.


Monday, March 5, 2012

Random Update and Slight bit of Ranting

Saturday night was the Ring Dance for my school. I wasn't all that excited to go, but I ended up having fun anyway. I hung out with some of my friends from eighth grade who I don't get to hang out with often anymore, which was fun. I felt a little jipped though when one of them posted on facebook that she had fun and tagged a bunch of people, not including me. Maybe I'm just being stupid though.
One of my guy friends that I had English class with last year asked me to dance. He actually asked almost every single one of the girls he has hung out with recently to dance, and I really appreciate that. If it weren't for him, many more girls would have not gotten to dance with anyone beside themselves.
One thing that kinda made me mad, though...I asked one of my guy friends to go with me as a friend and he said he was already going with someone. He wasn't there, nor was the girl he said he was going with. If he didn't want to go, he could have just said no - I was asking as a FRIEND. I would have been fine with him saying no. It was more insulting that he lied to me than it would have been if he had just told me that he didn't want to go.
Anyway, I still had a good time, danced with my friends, looked like an idiot because I didn't care what other people thought. Everyone looked really pretty/handsome at the dance. One of the most popular girls at the school went out of her way to come up to me and tell me I looked pretty. We don't talk to each other, and we don't hang out with the same people, since I'm one of the least popular kids at my school, and it kind of made me really feel prettier than I already did. I wore my Greatmudder's favorite necklace to the dance in memory of her. She was really amazing. I miss her.
So...what else is going on in my life?
Just under three weeks until the school musical.
The drama kids went to my old elementary school on Friday for their annual Dr. Seuss Book Character Parade. I made a cloak that looks like the ones the Fellowship wore in Lord of the Rings, but black rather than grey. It's really pretty. The funniest part of the trip was when Aaron, who was dressed up as Darth Vader, and a little 3rd or 4th grader, also dressed as Darth Vader, had a lightsaber fight. Aaron let the little kid "cut off his arm" and then he did a perfect stage fall and pretended he was dead. It was soooo funny.
This weekend is the Fine Arts Festival! I still need to know how you guys want me to blog it...if you do at all >.< I'm really excited, but apparently I have to learn the Purple Dog song unless I want to be the outcast of DFAF...
Ummmm....that's about it.
I'll leave you with a funny.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


My fear
Is not what you'd expect
Not spiders
Or the dark
(Clowns are a different story).

But my fear
Is of speaking up.
Speaking out
Being bold,
and sharing my opinion.

Sometimes I say that
I'm not afraid to speak my mind
That's what I want
But I'm sad to say
It isn't always true

I prayed tonight for boldness
For the ability to speak out
What God has in store for me
I have no idea
But this I know -
It's gonna be big.

And I'm gonna be...
Maybe not fearless
But I will be Bold.