Monday, May 28, 2012

"My Favorite Past Time" or, Being A Nerd

For my English class I have to do a fifteen (0r more) page project on "My Personal Legend" and one of the sections is on "My Favorite Past Time."
This is what I wrote

My favorite past time is being a nerd. While many people think that calling someone a nerd is an insult, I am extremely happy when I am accused of being a nerd. According to my friends and I, "a dork is someone who thinks they understand awesome things, but they really do not. A geek is someone who understands awesome things and participates in awesome things. A nerd is someone who understands, participates in, and creates awesome things." By "awesome things" we mean things such as Doctor Who, the Lord of the Rings, Narnia, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Star Trek, Superheroes, Comic books, reading for fun, obscure sports like archery, billiards, fencing, and Quidditch, and listening to music about or from the above, such as film scores and the singer Hank Green.
Whenever I have free time, I am participating in one of the above, and sometimes I am even doing nerdy things while doing my homework or working on a project. Currently, my second favorite band is Chameleon Circuit, which sings entirely about Doctor Who (my favorite band is a band from Indiana called 3union that hasn't made it big yet, but they are absolutely fantastic). I listen to them often while I'm doing homework, and the other artists and bands I listen to are mostly nerdy as well. One example is Hank Green. He wrote a song entirely made up of puns, one about how life isn't as bad as we think by comparing life as a human to life as an anglerfish, and one about quarks (as in the particles that subatomic particles are made of).
My brother and I recently spent a bit of money to buy swords, and we also have two bows. We do archery, and we are excited to move to Ohio, because there will most likely be a lot more room to shoot and practice when we are in a more rural area. We watch archery and billiards videos on YouTube, and my favorite Olympic sport is fencing. If this isn't enough to prove that I'm a nerd and that I love being a nerd, I own ever single Harry Potter, Narnia, and Lord of the Rings book, as well as some other books by the authors of those series, and as I packed up books to move to Ohio, I have kept those out so that I can read them without having to open up ten boxes and finding them.
Another example of me being a nerd and enjoying passing time by being a nerd is my love of language, though not in the typical sense. I prefer to have conversations with people are more verbose than most of my peers, such as those who would use the word verbose in a sentence. Much of my writing is in language that is more advanced than the vernacular, and I enjoy using words that are a bit archaic. I also enjoy other languages, but not those such as French and Spanish. I am learning to speak and write Quenya and Sindarian, which are the languages of Tolkien's elves, and I am learning to write in Gallifreyan, which is the language that Time Lords (such as Doctor Who) use, as they are from the planet Gallifrey.
Another thing about me that is often considered "nerdy" is my selection of hobbies. I crochet, mostly scarves that are the colors of the houses of Hogwarts. I also sew, and my favorite things to make are little creatures that are rather adorable, and I have named them after characters from Harry Potter and the Lord of the Rings. While I enjoy shopping as much as the next girl, I would rather go to Lynnhaven Mall and shop in the fantasy store there that sells swords, books, and sculptures of things like dragons, than go to Hollister or American Eagle.
My favorite past time, overall, is being a nerd. While this entails a number of things, it all adds up to the simple fact that I am a nerdfighter (Termed by John and Hank Green in Brotherhood 2.0 Vlog). From watching Star Wars to writing in Gallifreyan to doing archery, there is no denying it. I'm probably one of the biggest nerds you will ever meet. And you know what? I'm proud of it.

Monday, May 7, 2012


Sorry, I kinda didn't post last weekend, did I?
I had my wisdom teeth out last Tuesday.
I got my college acceptance letter,
My mommy is making celebratory brownies..
All I need for my day to be perfect is Doctor Who and/or Avengers..
AND I might get to see one of my best friends in two weekends. For the first time in over a year.