Friday, June 8, 2012

Something Else from my English Project

If I could take any adventure, it would be one that my brother, Jonathan, and I are planning to take before we start families. We will start wherever we live, which will most likely be Ohio in an old beater car that we buy for this purpose, though it will have to have a good stereo system, and we will start driving west. We will stop when we see something that looks interesting, and we plan to stop at Yosemite and Yellowstone National Parks. We will continue driving until we reach the West Coast of California, then we will sell the car and buy plane tickets to New York. We will spend some time there, then ride a bus to Florida. We will again stop if something looks interesting, and in Florida we will go to Daytona Beach, where we spent a lot of time as kids when we lived in Orlando, as well as Universal Studios to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. We certainly will go to SeaWorld, as our family used to go there nearly every weekend, and most likely go to Fun Spot in Kissimmee, where my brother spent a lot of time a few summers ago when he was on a missions project in the area. After spending time in Florida and visiting old friends there, we will take a train to Little Rock, Arkansas to visit other friends there, and finally we will take a train the rest of the way to where we started. Jonathan and I both love exploring and taking adventures, and this would be a wonderful way to see the United States before I fulfill my life's dream to move to the United Kingdom.

Jonathan and I have been discussing this trip for a while now, and we want to do it because we haven't had many chances to explore. Our family has traveled a large amount, but our mom doesn't really like just going somewhere without an itinerary and without studying a map for a while beforehand so she will know where she is at all times. Jonathan and I are much more spontaneous, and we think that a spontaneous road trip would be extremely fun to go on. We would see parts of the country we have never seen before and we would grow even closer as siblings, though we are already best friends. It would be an expensive trip, but it would be really fun.

I like adventures. XD


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