Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Summertime is a hard time to remember to blog.
Especially when that summer consists of almost nothing other than packing up a house, taking some of it with you to another state, then being a nomad for two and a half months while you continue house hunting.
My family finally got our house, but it closed about...ten hours too late. We paid for our stuff to be moved into the house and into the correct rooms, but becaue the house wasn't closed yet, it all got stuck in our detatched garage. Which means we have to move it into the house ourself.
Including the three hundred pound couch.

And I don't have a bed.
We sold my old bed, because (no joke) I hit my head on it too many times.
And I need to buy a new one...

Anyway, I started college a couple weeks ago. It's kind of interesting, but I'm at a regional campus, so I'm not getting the "full college experience." oh well....

Speaking of college, I have homework.
Tata for now!

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